• The Presence Band Project

    This is a Presence Band.

    It's a flexible bracelet of snappy rubber, made in the USA. You can wear it all day and SNAP it on your wrist to focus on what you're doing or to remind yourself to enjoy the present moment.

  • Benefits of SNAP*

    *Snap Now Attain Presence

    Change The Brain


    Did you know that you can re-wire your brain? Use the Presence Band to train your mind to get back into the moment.

    Lower Stress

    Lower Your Cortisol

    Researchers say that integrative body-mind training can result in brain changes and protect against mental ailments.


    Focus on the Task At Hand

    Researchers also found that college students who have used mindfulness training have performed more efficiently.


    Process Difficult Emotions

    Studies say mindfulness helps the brain to have better abilities to process and control reactivity and emotions.

  • An invitation from The Presence Band Project


    To focus, overcome obstacles, or when your drift out of the moment, lightly snap The Presence Band & refocus with the true power that comes from within.


    On your wrist, stretched around a water bottle, looped on your backpack or belt loop, tied in your shoelaces, snapped over your smartphone...wherever it works for you!


    When peeps around the world are empowering themselves, each snap adds to the worldwide field of presence that fosters peace+love+power for ourselves and each other and reminds us that we are all in this together. Snap Now Attain Presence!


    Students, artists, athletes, kids, parents, friends, wanderers, homebodies, goal-setters, video-gamers, strugglers, achievers, world citizens, local folks, wave-riders, ball-players, busybodies, chillers, do-gooders, rebels, healthy eaters, habit-kickers, world-changers, energizers, trendsetters, trendbuckers, tree-huggers, animal lovers, people-helpers, solituders, music-makers, moon-walkers, daydreamers, stargazers ... all of us!

  • The Story

    I was always an energetic kid, bouncing around the classroom, trying to make people laugh, having a good time. Unfortunately, in our learn-first, play-last society, energy and vibrancy aren't always highly valued. You know the story, because it's not that uncommon. Energetic boy gets slapped with an ADD diagnosis, goes on meds, drools a lot.


    Except, luckily for me, I had folks who wanted to work WITH me in my life, not against me. So instead of doping me up and dumbing me down, they tried to help me come up with solutions. Solutions to stay in the present moment. Solutions to regulate my energy. And solutions to concentrate on what I was doing right there, right now.


    Staying in the present moment was tough then, and it's tough now. But we can do it!


    For me, by far the most effective solution for me was wearing a simple rubber band upon my wrist. Whenever I found myself spiraling out of the present moment, I would SNAP IT. It helped me refocus, regulate, and re-engage with what was happening at the moment.


    As an adult, I found myself in a mentorship position with some young adults, many of who were facing the same pressures, problems, and pitfalls as I did. So together with my wife Kate (a passionate mind/body educator) we created the Presence Band, a fun version of my original rubber band. They loved the concept and snap-ability band, so I started making more.


    Now lots of people use the Presence Band to help them to better do the now.


    The human body and mind have a natural capacity for a high level of presence. But in this world, we've been encouraged to dis-engage from the beauty of the moment, to concentrate on the wrong things.


    Let's bring the present moment back!


    Cortis and Kate


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